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Russell and Ann Whitmore are the senior leaders   of  Cornerstone.  They have been married since 1972 and have two grown up children and two grandchildren.  Russell was a Science teacher before going into the ministry while Ann worked in the field of social welfare. Together they complement each other well.

They commenced their ministry in old Ebenezer chapel which was in a very poor state of repair.  They came as pioneers to establish a contemporary church with a ministry arm in social action reaching into the local community.  This vision was birthed with the renaming of the building to Cornerstone Church marking the beginning of a new work and new journey.

Russell enjoys studying and teaching the Word.  He is a vision led person and is passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God reaching into the community. Russell is   affiliated to the Elim movement of churches but has working relations with other leaders pioneering similar types of churches across denominations.  Russell wouldn’t describe himself as a denominational man but has a heart to pursue what God wants to do.


Ann is very much a practical and ideas person bringing vision into reality. She is very much the ‘nuts and bolts’ in making things happen in relation to the social action arm of church ministry. She is a trained counsellor and has extensive experience in dealing with outside agencies.

In 2011 in celebration of International Women’s Day Ann received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in the community.


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