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About Us

We understand that coming to church can be strange thing. We’re a very laid back bunch, we come in all shapes and sizes and we come from all sorts of diffrent backgrounds. One thing we all have in common. We were all once new to church.

What sort of church are you?
We are part of the Elim family of churches.

We believe in the Bible. All of it.
We love baptism in the Holy Spirit.
We encourage the use of spiritual gifts.
We believe in baptism of believers not baby’s.
We are committed to building a local church.

Feel free to take part as much or as little as you want.

We have many visitors ,some from other churches, some from other nations, some have never set foot inside a church before, many just come to have a look. Some want to come and get stuck in straight away.

Come and go as you please.

If you need to go early or come late that’s fine. We do serve a fine cup of coffee on arrival though.

Get to know people.

Ask questions. Ask why people come,how long they have  been coming,how they became Christians.

Expect to be challenged.

Whether highly educated or thick as two short planks, whether rich or poor, whatever your sexual preferences,or political leanings,there’s something to offend everybody. We are very sincere but not politically correct.

Let us know if we can pray for you.

We love to pray for visitors. If you want God to heal you, or speak into your life, let us know.

Give us feedback.

We really value comments as to how we can improve visitors’ experience of Cornerstone Church Aberdare.

Worry about what you wear.

Although no speedos please.

Worry if your kids make a noise.

We love kids,we love to welcome them. Sometimes they behave-often they don’t!

But they’re a part of the family. We provide a creche facilities.

 Be afraid to as questions.

The truth will stand up to scrutiny.

Be afraid to laugh out loud.

The preaching is interesting and relevant  to the 21st century living.

Be surprised if God speaks to you.

We serve and worship a God who rose from the dead and in 2000 years has never returned to the grave.


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